The Brow Biz

We have fallen in love all over again with brows. Some favorite celeb brows… 

Cara Delevingne

Lily Collins 

Brows are so “in” right now. 

Any cosmetic company is showcasing their best brow products to help create bold, beautiful brows! As a makeup artist, I long for the framed, natural, and finished brow on everyone. I personally prefer a natural yet defined brow. There are many different brow products and makeup techniques to achieve the finish you desire for your brows and for an even more natural finish- you can tint what you’ve got! 

My favorite brow products— 

With Mirabella’s brow pencil it is so easy to fill in fine, soft hairs to create a fuller brow. The color options by Mirabella are perfect to compliment any and every brow! Use featherlike strokes in thinnest areas of the brow to finish. $21

The Brow Shaper is a great product combined with the brow pencil to perfect the brow! For a softer brow, use this product alone. I love this for controlling those longer, stubborn brow hairs. The universal shade adds depth to the brow, the gel holds brow hairs in place, and this wand is wonderful to help groom the brows while doing so! $25 

 The Quick Brow is an amazingly soft brow powder! Sponge top picks up the softest brow powder and allows you to fill in your brows naturally with ease! 2 color options- light/led (perfect for blondes!) and medium/dark. $25 

Now, if you are looking to not add an additional brow product or don’t want to take the time and effort- I introduce you to brow tinting! This in spa service takes about 10 minutes. It is basically hair color for your brows! With each brow tinting service, I professionally choose the best color for your hair, skin tone, and brows. I purposefully fill in brows with tint and angel brow brush to help emphasize shape and fullness, process for 3 minutes, & then clean brow area. This can last up to 4 weeks but will differ from person to person. $30

Here are some before & afters…


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